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For booking information, availability and questions, please email or call Mark at (916) 204-6970.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does the band play? 

A: We schedule up to 4 hours for a reception/event. We will begin playing after dinner and any special dances are completed. We are able to play longer if you’d like, for a flat fee per hour after the first 4 hours scheduled. We will take a couple short breaks during the performance, and you are welcome to use the time as you like (announcements, toasts, recorded music through our PA system, etc.).

Q: How will the band members dress?

A: It is standard for us to wear matching black shirts and ties for a wedding reception or formal event, unless a request is made otherwise.

Q: When will the band need access to the facility?

A: We need access 2 hours before the first guests are expected to arrive. That way we can be set up out of the way when they begin to enter the facility. 

Q: What if the reception/event agenda changes at the last minute?

A: No worries. We are very flexible and will try our best to accommodate any last-minute changes or requests. (We have moved from outdoors to indoors at the last minute due to rain, have rearranged the order of announcements upon request, etc.) Weddings and events are difficult to plan, and sticking to the schedule is sometimes impossible. We recommend that you appoint a “messenger” (perhaps the coordinator or a member of the wedding party or family member) to let us know when announcements are needed and/or changes occur.

Q: Do you need a stage? And what kind of electricity does the band require?

A: Our setup is very small and efficient. We don’t require a stage, but if one is available, it is helpful. Stage size should be at least 16’ x 12’. For electricity, two 20-amp circuits will do.

Q: Do you play at all types of venues, including home parties?

A: Yes. We have entertained guests at wedding receptions and parties at a wide variety of venues, from simple backyard parties to ornate country clubs. Some of the venues where The Indestructibles have performed in recent years: Arden Hills Resort and Spa (Sacramento), Claremont Country Club (Oakland), Elks Building (Sacramento), Firehouse Restaurant (Old Sacramento), Forest House Lodge (Foresthill), Garwoods (Lake Tahoe), Andretti Winery (Napa), Tsakopoulos Library Galleria (Sacramento), West Shore Café (Tahoe), Stockton Country Club, Sacramento Convention Center, Fountains at Roseville, Sacramento Zoo, Novato Wine & Art Festival, San Anselmo Wine Festival, and the Thunder Valley Casino.

Q: Does working with a band make everything more complicated than just hiring a DJ?

A: No! Just like a DJ, we set up long before your guests arrive, make all the necessary announcements during your event, and provide great music and colorful lights for dancing and partying. We work with couples, coordinators and site managers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Having a band at your event is just as convenient as hiring a DJ, but delivers the added energy that you can only get with live music.

Q: Will you learn my favorite song?

A: As long as your favorite song doesn't require a 20-piece string section, we're open to trying it! We can add a requested song to our list of proven crowd-pleasers, provided that we are given adequate advance notice and that the song works within our style and instrumentation. We will work with you on special requests to make sure your day is personal and successful — we have even had brides and grooms sit in with the band on special songs.

Q: Can I hear some samples of the band?

A: Of course! Click here for our samples page, and check our Facebook page for information on any upcoming public shows where you can see a live performance and talk to us about your event.

Q: What happens if a band member gets hit by a bus the day before my event?

A: While the individual band members aren't truly indestructible, you can rest easy knowing that the band has never canceled a gig. The Indestructibles are Mark, Kevin, Troy, Don and Dave, and that is who you can expect at your event. But we also have top-notch substitutes at the ready in case of a medical emergency or some other unavoidable problem.


Q: I am looking for a band that has a female singer, too — any chance you can accommodate me?

A: We certainly will try! We work with some very talented female vocalists who can sit in with the the band for your party or reception (inquire about the additional cost and expanded song selection).

Q: Will the band make announcements during the reception/event?

A: Yes. We’ll be happy to make any announcements for you. We can introduce the wedding party (please provide us with a list of members in order, along with help on any “tricky” names) as well as announce any events (cake cutting, first dance, etc.). Our microphones are also available for your use for any announcements or toasts during the reception/event.

Q: Will background music be played during dinner?

A: Yes. We will play light pre-recorded music (through an iPod connected to our PA system) during dinner. The band will usually begin playing after dinner and “first” dances or special announcements.

Q: How should we choose songs for the first dance, father/daughter dance, etc.?

A: We recommend that you choose any songs you want and then provide us the name of the song and artist. We’ll need this information at some point BEFORE the event so we can download them. We will announce the dances as they occur and play the songs over our PA system during these dances using the iPod.

Q: Who should I contact to book the band?

A: Please email or call Mark at (916) 204-6970 to check our availability for your reception date, and to discuss rates and our deposit policy. We often book far in advance, so please contact us as soon as possible! We would be honored to entertain your guests on your special day.